Sisterhood and Racism: A Workshop for White Women


This is an opportunity for white women in our community to come together and participate in an online workshop facilitated by Eleanor Hancock from White Awake and Kara Dansky from One Thousand Arms.

This is a workshop for white women to discuss what it means to be a white woman in today’s society, the unique intersection of privilege and oppression we experience, and ways we can work strategically for collective liberation. Women of color are welcome to attend and participate if desired, however the aim of this group is for white women to develop language, tools, and skills to teach themselves how to fight systematic racism. This gathering creates a space for white women to process their own racism without burdening people of color with the processing of white folks’ feelings.

We will be using meditation and contemplative practices to examine question such as:

Why did so many white women vote for Donald Trump?
Why would white women choose racial privilege at the expense of our own health and safety?
What is at stake when we align ourselves with women of color?
What is required from us right now?

The facilitators will create a supportive space that makes room for grief, anger and fear; centers curiosity and compassion; and steers us away from judgment and blame.

The cost is $20.00, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Please contact us if the cost is an obstacle for you to participate.

If you are interested in participating, please register online through the link below and also RSVP to this event so that we know how many people to expect.


Here are a few resources shared by the facilitators to help us prepare for this discussion:

Anne Braden’s Letter to White Southern Women (a discussion about why white women will not find freedom from sexism until we deal with our racial conditioning – and it’s not just for southern women!).

Tilman Smith, White Women, Patriarchy, and White Superiority (a very brief essay about her own experiences unpacking the intersecting oppressions of sexism and racism).

SOA Watch, What is White Supremacy? (a helpful resource defining this phrase – it focuses on white supremacy generally).

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