ShutDownChi Solidarity Action: Close Youth Prisons


On April 1st, we will join tens of thousands of Chicagoans as we stand up to Rahm Emanuel, Governor Rauner and their cohort of corporate conspirators who are working to protect the rich while implementing massive cuts intent on destroying our communities, disproportionately impacting black and brown lives

On April 1st in Chicago, we’re standing up to #FightforFunding for our communities. Will you be there with us?

One of the ways that we can secure more funding for the things that matter most is to CLOSE YOUTH PRISONS across Illinois. Governor Rauner has recommended the closure of Kewanee prison. We support this AND we want the funds saved to be REINVESTED in our communities.

We particular hope that young people will join us on April 1st to make it clear that we want #SchoolsNotJails, #EducationNOTIncarceration #NoYouthInPrison.

We’ll meet at IYC Chicago (https://www.illinois.gov/idjj/Pages/Chicago_IYC.aspx) at 2 pm and then we can make our way to the Thompson Center to join the large gathering at 4 pm.

This action is co-sponsored with Assata’s Daughters, Black Lives Matter – Chicago, Brown People for Black Power, Chicago Freedom School, Chicago Taskforce on Violence Against Young Women and Girls, Chicago League of Abolitionist Whites, For the People Artists Collective, Kuumba Lynx, Lifted Voices

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