“Respect Our Black Dollars” Community Involvement Meeting


We at “Respect Our Black Dollars” have a lot going on, and we’re not planning on slowing down. This is a small list of our up and coming events, our monthly Buy-in campaign (In which we chooses a Black Own Business and show up in large numbers to support that particular business), monthly film showing (each month we choose a documentary to show that teaches self love and improving the economics in the Black communities), Kwanzaa (Is a culture celebration that is held from Dec 26- Jan 1st) our Black Business Award Banquet (which will be held Feb 2nd), teaching people how to farm (We have access to 6 acres of land in Terry Ms and we will be teaching people how to grow their own food). This will be the last general ROBD meeting of the year and we’re asking for your input on how can we collectively move forward in improving the economics in our communities. There’s no big I’s or little u’s in ROBD, everyones input is valuable, so join us Sunday Nov 27 at 2pm at the Afrikan Art Gallery 800 North Farish St. Free food will be served

Afrikan Art Gallery, 800 North Farish St, Jackson, Mississippi 39202

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