Resistance Against Police Brutality, Repression and Executions by The State


October 22nd is apart of a whole Month of Resistance called by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network. Our resistance MUST happen across the country and around the world with powerful demonstrations nationwide.

Ezell Ford EXECUTED by the LAPD
Eric Garner EXECUTED by NYPD
Mike Brown EXECUTED by Ferguson PD
Cleman Sweptson Jr. EXECUTED by Washington Metro PD
Tyrone West EXECUTED by Baltimore PD

The list goes on and on….Police brutality and executions are daily occurrences within the black and brown communities. Yet cops are almost NEVER punished for their crimes! Black and Latino people, especially the youth, are treated like criminals, guilty until proven innocent – if they can SURVIVE to prove their innocence!

According to Malcolm X grassroots movement at least every 25 hours a law enforcement agent, neighborhood watch and/or security guard kills a person of color. Criminalization of mostly people of color has led to 2.2 million people being warehoused in prison, a 500% increase over the past thirty years. Tens of thousands of people in prison are subjected to the torture of long-term solitary confinement. Right now, a massive program of criminalizing and incarcerating undocumented immigrants is essentially hidden from public view, continues and even escalates.

This NOT the time to hold hands and preach about peace. It is OUR duty to fight back against our oppressors!

Please meet us across the street from the above location on the corner.

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