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In January 2016, 31 year old Janet Wilson (A Black Woman) was MURDERED By White Dearborn Police Officer.

The start of this incident was said to have happened at JC Penny in the mall.

According to “police witnesses”, Janet was acting “suspiciously” inside the store and security was notified.

(Note: Dearborn has a history of known racism as well as the mall)

The security guards followed Janet Wilson out into the parking lot. She got into her car and left the mall.

Someone made an unnecessary call to 911 and Dearborn police supposedly tried to make a traffic stop on Hubbard Drive. When Janet’s car got stuck in traffic, the Dearborn officers decided to get out of their car to do an unnecessary traffic stop unbeknown to Janet.

As Janet was starting to drive again once traffic started to flow, one of the Dearborn Officers Fired Five Rounds at her and MURDERED Janet Wilson in cold blood.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner said that Janet Wilson died of multiple gunshot wounds, and the manner of death is listed as “homicide.”

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