People United to Fight Racism Contingent – 2016 Sacramento MLK Day March


Black, Latino, Muslim and all people Join the
Contingent in this 2016 MLK Day March!

Join us for this Martin Luther King Jr Day March to commemorate the true anti-racist and radical legacy of MLK and the Civil-Rights movement. As the attacks against Black, Muslim, Latino and all oppressed peoples grow, we must fight back!

Racist brutality has become so frequent that every 28 hours one Black person is gunned down in the United States by police, security, and vigilantes. After the killing, the courts prevent justice and protect the murderers while the media demonizes the victim. Since the supposed end of slavery, criminalization has been used as an excuse to murder, arrest, and exploit Black people across the nation.

There are 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S., many of them Latinos fleeing the poverty and violence created by U.S. imperialism in Mexico and Central America. Families are terrorized by the threat of deportations – especially since the Obama administration has already deported a record 2 million people. Many of these people were first sent to private detention centers with well-documented human rights abuses.

Mainstream politicians have used recent terrorist attacks to push Islamophobia and use fear to their advantage – fueling hate against Muslim people and even proposing semi-fascist laws. They don’t mention that the real root of this situation is that Muslim countries have been attacked by the U.S., French, and British militaries for over 20 years leading to the entire destruction of stable governments, the death of more than one million people, and the displacement of millions more.

We are angry and we are fighting back against the rise of a new racist movement. Join us this MLK Day march to fight back too!

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