OurStoryChi Food Justice and Anti-Violence


If you love your Community and you care about Public Safety and stopping the violence then you’ll want to be here! Just don’t talk about it, be about it!
Please join BlackLivesMatter Chicago and Bronzeville Forward for our first OurStory event happening at the AMC multipurpose community center located at 4421South State Street, Chicago IL on Saturday June 4th 10am-2pm. We will be serving free breakfast to the first 30 attendees from the community! OurStoryChi wil be connecting residents with the ongoing food justice initiatives happening in community gardens across Bronzville, they will also learn how food justice programs like the Healthy Food Hub empowers residents. Community will be talking about what solutions are viable and needed to adress the violence, in addition to the resources needed to ensure implimentation. There will be workshops like the Peace diet program where Zarakyah Ben Sar Ahmadiel teaches about how eating healthy nutritious meals impacts child development, aggression and behavior. There will also be space for the Community to talk about what safety looks like and the importance of self determination. The OurStoryChi event end the program with special guest performances from OurStory artist which will feature Rappers, Poets, Comedians and Singers. Specifics Artist and workshop details coming soon!

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