Origins of the Police Part 2


As of July 20, 2016 639 people have been murdered by this racist police state. The police have killed and brutalized people 99% of the time with impunity and generally are not punished for killing mainly poor people, particularly Black people. The police are an institution that protect the inherently and severely unequal economic structure or society through colonialism and white supremacy.

Mass Action Against Police Brutality understands that as Frantz Fanon once said it is vital to “teach the masses that everything depends on them; that if we stagnate it is their responsibility, and that if we go forward it is due to them too, that there is no such thing as a hero that will save them with his magic hands, that there is no famous man who will take the responsibility for everything, but that the hero is the people themselves and the magic hands are finally only the hands of the people.”

We mobilize, but we also carry out education on the history, the origins, of the police so people bear no illusions about the role this institution plays in a racist and unequal system. Some of the topics we will address in this community political education are:

1. Reconstruction & White Backlash
2. Slavery By Another Name, but Slavery Nonetheless
3. The Era of Lynching & White Terror
4. Unions & Police & Class Repression

Please join us in this endeavor and stay engaged. Without political education we cannot change the political situation of racist police terror.

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