Open your EYES, Police Brutality is A Reality!


Noel Aguilar was executed at point blank by los angeles sheriffs deputies jose ruiz and albert murad on May 26, 2014. Even though eyewitness accounts at that time stated that Noel was shot while in handcuffs and that a gun was planted on him, district attorney #jackielacey chose to ignore both testimony AND evidence, and co-sign Noel’s death warrant on behalf of the deputies. Later, VIDEO EVIDENCE ( https://youtu.be/6I-Xg-Ga1a8 ) emerged CONFIRMING INITIAL EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS. this video also reveals that deputy murad was actually SHOT BY HIS OWN PARTNER (murad was awarded a medal for this wound), which then initiated the murder of Noel, and ensuing cover-up. The community response to this revelation was overwhelming; hundreds upon hundreds filled the streets of Long Beach and Compton to protest Noels execution ( https://youtu.be/FEoJlpd1h9w ). Now, as we reel from the latest onslaught of #policeterror in our streets, we need to come together not only in defense of Noel’s human rights, but to let the d.a. and everyone with the power to do something about it know that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. these are OUR NEIGHBORHOODS; these are OUR NEIGHBORS, these are OUR STREETS, and KOWARDLY KILLER KOPS ARE NOT WELCOME.


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