Ohio To Michigan: Flint Water Drop Phase 2


For those that had any involvement in the first water drop, for those who stepped up and joined forces for the greater good of the people, we once again thank you. We have been honored to work with some of the most generous, righteous folks Ohio and Pennsylvania has to offer. Flint Michigan suffers as mainstream media ignore it politicians minimize it and many across the country look away. We are NOT those people. From the streets to the country we gathered together in an attempt to do what has never been done. And we accomplished it. With love in our hearts and in the spirit of what makes this country great we were needed and answered the call. But Flint is not a passing headline in a newspaper. The water crisis is not a small issue. Their need is immediate and ongoing. A community, just like yours with families just like yours is in a desperate situation. We are asking all those who participated in the first convoy to once again join us in assisting our fellow country men and women. We have the network, reach, and capability to make this convoy even bigger than the last so lets try and push for that. Ohio and surrounding states… you are needed. Please lend support to this Op in anyway you can. All help is needed, vital, and welcomed. Thank you again for being the example of what it truly means to be an American. This is what its all about!

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