NAACP Black Legacy Project


NAACP Black Legacy Project
The NAACP Portland Branch 1120B, invites creatives & historians, at all levels, to submit an application to participate in the 2016 NAACP Black Legacy Project History Symposium and Art Exhibit, supported by Oregon Humanities, and the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition. This project is designed to showcase both black history of Portland, and black artists, and to explore the community’s legacy today.

All art forms, and levels of history work, including public history, are welcome. Multiple honoraria will be awarded up to $300 each, as well as an opportunity to win a monetary award for best work, in both history and art. Best works will be chosen by a group the NBLP Community Committee formed to oversee the fall program.

Artists and historians are invited to share past original work, or to be assigned to work with each other to create original work in a collaborative setting utilizing both creative expression, and historical archives and photo collections.

Artists will have the opportunity to sell their work, with no fee from the NAACP. Awardees’ work and bio will also be showcased on the NAACP social media, and website, and both artists and historians will have the opportunity to be included in future NAACP promotions and events. The NAACP is always looking to support creative people of color, and people who submit their work will be remembered for future paid gigs.

The NAACP Black Legacy Project is in honor of the historic role of African Americans in Portland who promoted the art, culture and history of their community in the first half of the twentieth century as a way to break down racial stereotypes and racial segregation.

Please submit the following application materials to [email protected] by Sept 15th, 2016.

1. Summarize your background, or provide an artist statement, or historian equivalent.
(500 words or less in .PDF)

2. Digital example of work/works. (At least one image in PDF, link to portfolio, or Abstract of research or scope of Public History Project, and short bibliography. (500 words maximum, not including the bib.)


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