I, Too, America A Celebration of Black Men & Food in America


I, Too, America …, A Celebration of Black Men & Food in America is designed to uplift the many Black Men that have contributed and are contributing to our nation’s food system in a caring and positive space. We will celebrate not only the poetic piece by Langston Hughes, we will recognize his birthday along with his other many artistic and political statements, and also act as an introduction to Black History Month, which is recognized nationally as an annual month of education and exposure.

This event will feature art, conversation, music, poetry and, of course, food to be offered up by some of the most preeminent talent in the city in a collaborative environment designed to stimulate not only emotionally, but to move people to action. Included will be a panel discussion featuring some of our brightest young thought makers and community advocates.

The event is focused on uplifting Black men in our food system, and we will treat it as an opportunity to lift each other up in an intimate setting that will allow for conversation and community building. This event will include a tremendous lineup of Black Men who will help entertain, guide and inform.

You will hear from Dr. Truman Hudson Jr., BMe Communities, Malik Yakini, DBCFSN, and enjoy a panel of next generation food leaders moderated by Chef Phil Jones. The soundtrack for the event will be provided by Craig Huckaby with selections of food-themed music that will act as the backdrop to an artist reception with works by Taurus Burns and Donald Calloway.

You will be treated to a reading of Langston Hughes’ timely piece, I, Too…, which will be read by Harry Todd, Alpha Phi Alpha, and musical performances by Khary Frazier and Kadiri Sennefer Ra. Attendees will also join in a meal that will be prepared by local Black chefs with an eye to historic recipes and heirloom ingredients.

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