Hillary Clinton Protest


We are going to send a message to Hillary Clinton tonight. We are going to show her that she is not welcome in Philadelphia. Please join us! Feel free to bring signs to demonstrate your opposition to her candidacy.

Please read the following press release for more information into the Coalition’s position on Hillary Clinton:

April 20, 2016

On April 19th, the Philly Coalition for Real Justice was made aware of an event centered on policing and criminal justice reform. Two of our members, Erica Mines and Rufus Farmer, were invited earlier, but the invitation was extended to other members as of the 19th. The Coalition has decided as an organization to decline this invitation. We respect the mothers of Sandra Bland and Brandon Tate Brown, and are involved in social change in honor of their memories. However, we cannot in good conscience attend an event that was merely created as a photo opportunity for Hillary Clinton. This is a way for her to feign interest and fraternity with black people. No grass roots activist organizations were invited to this event until her husband was interrupted by Ms. Mines and Mr. Farmer last week. It is clear that Mrs. Clinton plans to use this opportunity for her own benefit, and does not care about the concerns of the black community.

Mrs. Clinton has a long history of being a detriment to black people in this country and abroad. From her support of the 1994 Crime Bill, which put thousands of black people in prisons for minor offenses, to her role in the 2009 Honduras coup as well as her hand in the economic destruction of Haiti, she has shown time and again that she has no regard for black life anywhere. The Coalition also rejects the notion that reform of the criminal justice system is an adequate solution to the barbaric and inhumane treatment of black people, by the police and the Prison Industrial Complex.

There are no policies that can correct the state of displaced Africans in this country, unless the White House and the current white supremacist establishment are completely dismantled. We refuse to play politics with Mrs. Clinton, or pretend that she is talking to organizers and protesters for any other reason than to regain the political traction she lost after her husband revealed his deep seated racist views about African American organizers last week. We will not be a party to Hillary Clinton’s desperate political machinations. Mrs. Clinton is not a legitimate candidate for President, and we wholly reject her attempt to represent us as such.

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