Economic Boycott! Black Lives Matter Shut Down!


The harsh 190-page report by The Police Accountability Task Force has found that three in four people injured or killed by CPD police officers are African American.
Of the 404 people shot or killed by police officers from 2008 to 2015, 299 (74%) were African-American, the report found, adding in other shootings, 14% (55) were Hispanic; 8% (33) were white; and 0.25% were Asian.
Police have disproportionately used Tasers against blacks, the report showed. Between 2012 and 2015, CPD officers used Taser in 1,886 cases of which more than 1,400 were Black, 254 were Hispanic and 144 were white.

Me and organizers are calling for citizens from across the City of Chicago to join me and organizers for this movement on July 30, 2016. We will be gathering at Michigan & Wacker at 12:00pm-Until… The last Economic Boycott constructed results of sells and money went down up to 50% and the crime rate in Chicago was down up to 40% due to the fact we had so many young African Americans down there that day, educating and unifying!

There have been numerous occasions where police made some false arrests and convicted suspects wrongly.
False arrests, coerced confessions and wrongful convictions are also a part of this history, lives lost and countless more damaged. These events and others mark a long, sad history of death, false imprisonment, physical and verbal abuse and general discontent about police actions in neighborhoods of color.

Young people of color and African American children have been mistreated by rogue officers who often act with impunity.
Children in some areas of the city are not only being raised in high-crime environments, but they are also being mistreated by those who have sworn to protect and serve them.

African Americans account for two percent of America’s total population. This is while, according to the Mapping Police Violence project, 40 percent of the police killings in the country’s 60 biggest police departments were black.

As African Americans, we will not continue to stand down to police brutality and harassment. We, as African Americans are demanding that our tax paying money gets funded and invested back into our communities! That our African Americans young men and women not only have summer jobs making poetry and slavery wages, but all year around jobs that support our youth personally and financially!

What’s behind many of the killings in Chicago? It’s a…

Economic development and personal development ordeal! 1. If our youth have greater access for jobs, to affordable housing, physical health, etc… we wouldn’t be having so many killings in the City because you can’t kill nobody if your at work! 2. If we have teachers inside our public education system teaching our kids personal development and how to deescalate negative situations, how to build personal and business plans for achieving life goals, etc… We wouldn’t have many killings in our city! We will not allow these ungracious politicians to run over our people anymore! July 30, 2016 is the day we as people stand and expand solidarity, love, faith and hope among one another! It’s time for people to change lives house by house, street by street!

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