Community Event: I’m not racist – Nov 17


This community event will talk about some of the big events happening in the world in regards to race. This is a NON-POLITICAL event that is setup in a forum style that will introuduce you to your local Black Lives Matter community organization. This will give participants the ability to ask charged questions in a safe enviornment.

This event is being co-thrown by the Bsa Colorado Mesa.

All participants will be asked to treat each other with respect, to listen and be polite.

There will be an anonmous card box at the beginning of the session where people will ask questions without fear or anxiety.

Even though this forum will start out with talking about world issues, it more specifically will examine local racial hardships while at the same time, addressing sterotypes.

Black Lives Matter Grand Junction’s mission is to hear and protect black voices, empower people of color, and educate the community on racial hardships through empathy, a sharing of stories, and an expression of love.

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