Black Women’s Wellness Program Launch


Black Women’s Wellness Program Overview

Black women are subject to a myriad of social, physical and historical challenges that have impacted our health, both physically and mentally for generations. Our spirituality has also begun to show the stresses as well.

The Black Women’s Wellness Program is designed to assist in those areas as we Black women struggle due to trauma, lack of adequate resources, time and logistical inadequacies.

Our Goals are:

1)Further development of strong healthy women and families of color.
(Ongoing)In partnership with Fathers Rise Together Boys to Men Health Fair initiative, we seek to bring awareness, prevention and maintenance of physical, mental and spiritual Health to a our communities.

2)Increase accessibility to culturally sensitive and specific healthcare, mental health and spiritual well being for Women and Families of Color.
(Ongoing)In partnership with area healthcare industry professionals, service providers, and support services, we seek to bridge and eradicate those disparities that impede healthy lifestyle choices for women of color and their families

3)Build Diversity and Inclusion into an already established healthcare community with emphasis on best practices for overall health of the African Heritage Community of the Twin Ports
(Ongoing) In partnership with area community organizations, healthcare professionals, supportive entities and financial sponsorships provide best practices, programs and culturally specific training and empowerment for healthy living within the African Heritage Community

We want to address these three areas where data has shown increased disparity:

Physical Health
By bringing increased awareness to the physical health risks of WoC including:
Diabetes,Heart disease, obesity, stroke, breast cancer, sickle cell anemia, Crohns, etc
With an emphasis on preventative maintenance, weight management and developing healthy lifestyle choices that incorporate our cultural traditions and heritage

Mental Health
By bringing needed awareness to both the community of color and local practitioners of generational trauma, continuing crisis PTSD, depression, anxiety, drug addiction and how cultural taboos on sharing our inner secrets creates a dissonance in our relationships with ourselves, families and society.

Spiritual Health
By creating those safe spaces for reflection, empowerment and support of ourselves and each other as women, as Black Women and as the wellsprings of wellbeing in our homes and communities.

This will be accomplished in three stages:

Stage I: Awareness Campaign and Program Launch
Begin to have these conversations within the PoC community, the healthcare sector and increase knowledge of prevalent conditions within areas of increased disparity in the Twin Ports

Stage II: Connecting Culturally Sensitive Resources with the target Community
Development of a culturally sensitive and specific database for health care practitioners and service providers that will enhance the health care already available in the Twin Ports.

Stage II: (ONGOING) Building a strong community of healthy women via accessible and affordable lifestyle choices
Development of Ongoing projects and program support for WoC by decreasing those disparities and barriers that impede upon Black Women’s choices, access and accountability for lifestyle choices, health initiatives and commitments to their personal well being.

This program is being designed to be administered by a committee of Twin Ports women using coalition and bridge building capabilities, Culturally specific yet inclusive collaboration.

The committee will be overseen by the Superior African Heritage Community and provide updates on its progress, finances and development projects in a timely manner, in keeping with grant funding opportunities, community expansion and connectivity.

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