Black Women Handling Business Master Class


Black Women Handling Business Master Class presents: “Dispelling the ‘But What If’ Mindset”
For over 5 years I was twirling this idea or notion in my mind that I was suppose to be doing something GREAT but I kept being plagued with the “But What If’s”…Every time I would write something down or start something, I would never finish it because I would allow fear to settle in and ask, “why me?” I came up with every excuse why I shouldn’t do it and the ‘stinking thinking’ effect would begin to roll out and eventually snatch away my dreams…I allowed it! Until I became sick and tired of being sick and tired of my own excuses and self-sabotaging mindset. Does this sound familiar? If so, YOU NEED to be in this workshop! You won’t be disappointed!
In This Interactive Workshop, You Will:
•Learn the 4-F’s of Fear
•Discover Your Own S.W.O.T. Analysis
•Identify the Kryptonite to One’s Destiny
•Learn 6 Winning Strategies for Positive Thinking & Execution
•Understand How “Letting Go” Propels You Forward
You may purchase tickets below or at blackwomenhandlingbusiness .com – click on “Calendar of Events”.

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