Black Wealth Matters Part 3: Black Land Ownership


The Center for Law and Social Justice is excited to provide the third segment in our #BlackWealthMatters Series: Black Land Ownership. Part 3 of this series explores the legacy of land and home ownership in our community and will ask how this form of wealth can empower our entire community.

Join our panelists as they explore:
1. The historical backdrop of land and home ownership in the Black community;
2. The creative/non-traditional ways that the Black community can increase land ownership;
3. The cultural mindsets that undermine long term land ownership and how can we counter those;
4. How these trends differ/align depending on rural/urban location; and
5. What role cooperatives play in helping to increase Black land ownership.

In April we close out our series with a focus on Cooperative Economics (Apr. 21, 2017).

Visit our website at CLSJ.org for more details.

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