Black-Out: A Day of Absence (Black Solidarity Day)



November 1st BLACK-OUT: Day of Absence
(Black Solidarity Day) #BlackSolidarity ✊❤️

I have posted the date and mission all over Facebook and decided making it an ‘event’ would make it a much better reminder. Please INVITE and SHARE with as many of your family and friends as you can 🙂

This originally happened in 1969. It spoke volumes then and will speak volumes now. On this day, we are to:
• Refrain from attending school or work (unless you are a business owner – get that money )
• Wear all black
• Boycott white establishments
• Attend educational/cultural events addressing black power/liberation

If you are in support (even if you may not be able to take the day off) no worries let’s make it happen by spreading the WORD.

What is Black Solidarity Day?
Black Solidarity Day (an African American holiday) was founded in 1969 in Brooklyn, by Dr. Carlos E. Russell. As a concept, it derives from the play, ‘Day of Absence’ by Douglas Turner Ward. The day is based on the extreme social, political, and economic consequences that would ensue if all Black people were to disappear for one day.
The one-act comedy depicts a small southern town in turmoil when all the Black citizens suddenly disappear, revealing the political, social and economic power of the Black community. The play ultimately inspired the creation of Black Solidarity Day, which is celebrated on the Monday before Election Day to remind the nation of the collective strength and political power of the Black Community. #BlackVotesMatter!

a) Staying at home, not using public transport, not buying anything at a store, chanting and beating drums in burial grounds. (http://www.harlemlive.org/community/events/blacksolidarity/index.html)
b) Wearing of black clothes, and display of black and silver ribbons. (http://www.ithaca.edu/ithacan/articles/0511/03/news/7students_.htm) (http://www.bupipedream.com/pipeline_web/display_article.php?id=1019)
c) Authorized absence from classes and examinations. (http://www.newpaltz.edu/ugc/policies_blacksolidarity.html)
d) Dance tuition and eating soul food
e) Singing of the national black anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, holding lighted candles, giving speeches (http://www.maroon-news.com/media/storage/paper742/news/2004/11/05/News/Lift-Every.Voice.And.Sing.Colgate.Celebrates.Black.Solidarity.Day-795058.shtml?norewrite200611090637&sourcedomain=www.maroon-news.com)
f) Film screenings, discussions, lectures, performances (recreation of the Cotton Club with live music, dancing, poetry and other readings), marches, candlelight vigils.
g) Black Entrepreneurs Vendor’s Market

***This is in no way meant to void or detract from other efforts. All can be done in conjunction in order to make the most impact #StrengthInNumbers. And, yes there are things we can do each and every day to continue moving upward and onward, continue on, keep up your efforts in every way possible.



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