Black Lives Matter Protest and March


We will be having a BLM protest and march at Lake Eola Park.

This event is not solely because of the horrible events that happened this past week, but because of the oppression the Black Community has been facing since we were taken to this country.
This March is not only about the police brutality many of us face every day, but also about the systemic racism and attacks done to us. This is because we are tired of the dehumanization of our people of our skin and of our features. This is for all the times we have been called monkeys and thugs causing havoc in the streets. This is to shed light on our issues and to protest the system that is against so many of us. This is to protest the racism that we all face, even those of us who are ignorant to it.

Now, I must be clear. This is a PEACEFUL Protest and March. We will unite together as one people to shine light on our struggle and to open the eyes of the ignorant and the hateful. No one will listen to our cries and desires if we too are spreading hate. So let us come together in love. Let us love and be at peace even when they are rubbing their hate in our faces. Let us be the civil ones.
We must also find a way to show how the BLM movement doesn’t mean that all lives don’t or that Police lives don’t. Because so many people think that our pride means that we are against them. We can’t let that be what people see. So if cops are present, please do not threaten them or yell at them. That won’t change how bad cops and other people see us. We need to respect each other.
Our issue and our fight is much bigger than cops alone.

Hopefully in our peace, people will listen and hearts will be changed! That is the goal isn’t it?
As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only Light can.”
So let us be a light! Let us vanquish the darkness! Let us rise up together in love!

There will be change.

I do hope to see you all there, and please invite your friends.
And remember to tell those you invite how this is a march of peace.
Thank you

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