Black Lives Matter! End Trump and DeBlasio’s War on Black People


White supremacy has many faces!

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio has presented himself as the progressive leader in the battle against Trump’s Racist policies, telling New Yorkers to keep protesting and giving his support. However, it is Bill DeBlasio who condemned Black Lives Matter protesters, reinvested more money into the NYPD without demanding any substantial changes, and continued the racist policies that facilitate collaboration between ICE and the NYPD. It is DeBlasio’s support for Broken Windows policing that puts Black and Brown lives at risk in New York City and has facilitated the recent raids against Immigrants of Color. These policies will only further lend support for Trump’s declarations to reinstate ‘Law and Order’ which is code for more militarized policing and criminalization of people of color and protesters. Don’t believe DeBlasio for a second when he claims he will ‘confront’ Trump. DeBlasio’s support for the violent, racist NYPD and for the continued gentrification of New York makes it clear which side he’s on. It’s time to tell Trump and DeBlasio that this is OUR city.

Stop all NYPD cooperation with ICE
End racist Broken Windows policing in NYC
Abolish the police!
Reinvest the $5.5 billion annual budget of the NYPD into New York’s Black and Brown communities for housing, healthcare and education

Called By:
People’s Power Assemblies, NYC Shut It Down, Why Accountability, Hoods 4 Justice and International Working Women’s Day Coalition

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