Black Lives Matter Art Showcase


As a way of celebrating Black History Month, there will be an art show in Gallery ABBA: Black Lives Matter. The artwork can be related to the current Black Lives Matter movement or the general importance of Black lives. It can focus on Black lives throughout any time in history, and can be any form of artwork through your desired medium- visual art, poems/written word, pictures, videos, etc. The deadline to submit pieces will be on January 23, 2017. Please work on your pieces over break so that you will be able to make the submission date!

The artwork displayed at Gallery ABBA will be intended for sell, and a portion of the proceeds will go to organizations for marginalized youth at Beloit Memorial High School and to a scholarship that BSU intends to create.

The show’s premiere debut will be on February 3rd. That evening, everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to cast their anonymous vote for the top three pieces of artwork. These favorite pieces will be displayed at the Black Gala hosted by BSU.

Don’t Forget…..

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: January 23!!!!!!!

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