Black lives matter all lives matter rally


Phire Tha Diva presents…. Black lives matter all lives matter rally. This IS a BLACK and BLUE event. Please be dressed casual formal. Black representing all black lives matter and blue representing our men in uniform. This event will be held for the public to come together as one. We have powerful leaderships on the panel discussing the impact on not only on our community but as well as the world we live in. Black owned businesses will discuss how and why big name owners are progressing in our nation and why black own businesses cannot succeed in our own community. I have a special guest pastor will be discussing how our nation is causing more harm than good and how we can retaliate without violence. This event couldn’t be successful without our selective hand picked artists, musicians, poets, and comedians to keep us uplifted during this rally.doors open at six, panel will be in an opening discussion seven pm on the dot followed by our live entertainment.
All profits will be donated to the United Negro College funds so our young black men and intelligent black women can continue on making a positive and promising future before us.
Tickets start at ten dollars
Couples are 15.00
Full menu
Two story club
Downstairs will be held for rally.
Upstairs will be open as well for after party. Free parking
Drink specials
Hookah on deck
Patio for smokers
Press badges are available to all photographers media and Videoaugraphers.
After party will be held upstairs followed right after rally.
Any questions feel free to call 8328888626 also for big party tables please reserve ahead of time
Artists please check in at six thirty pm at DJ booth.
Hope to see all of Houston come together for this event.
Time to stand up and start fighting…. The right way

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