Black Business Brunch: Create A Connected Economy!


Only wall need to be built is our own. We have always heard, the stories of Black Wall Street, the pinnacle of unity within our communities. How can we build “Our Wall Street?” This event we’ll discuss how we can leverage technology to create a strong referral base for our business community, and actually “build that Wall”. Detroit very own G>MartAds, is look for small businesses to beta test its software, a marketing networking site for businesses. What most would pay thousands of dollars for will be yours at no added cost. Black Business Brunch is delighted to provide G>MartAds services to our community, we encourage you to take a vantage of this remarkable opportunity to help build and grow your business. Please share with other business owners about our event, it takes a community to grow your business and that is why we’re here. Login at www.gmartads.com for a free trial. Sharing is greater than marketing!

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