Black August Action – Equal Justice Rally & Protest Sacramento California


It is time for action! Join us in Sacramento on August 18th to demand that Peace Officers Bill of Right be repealed Come out to support families whose loved ones have been killed by Police. This is a Bill supported by Police and Law Enforcement Agencies to kill innocent citizens with impunity. It seems like there was a call for all white males to be deputized because there are 18000 law enforcement agencies in the United States. Even when there are black and/or brown in those positions they align themselves (by and large) with the Blue Wall of Silence. Yet some of these same Officers have been shot and killed themselves by White Officers.

“Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”
― Frederick Douglass

The ACLU of Southern California has been working to understand how many people have been killed by law enforcement in America’s most populous state. What they found is alarming. Over a six-year period that ended in 2014, California’s Department of Justice recorded 610 instances of law enforcement committing homicide “in the process of arrest.”
1. Whites were killed at 78 percent the rate one would expect if killings were distributed evenly across the state’s population.
2. Hispanics were killed at 115 percent the expected rate,
3. while blacks were killed at 280 percent the expected rate.
The killings described above are the ones recorded as police murders and does not cover suspected police killings of black and brown.

When not being killed out right we are wrongfully prosecuted and/or given disproportionate sentences to white offenders. We are demanding that the Legislature and Governor Brown take Action by repealing this racist Peace Officers Bill of Rights!

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