Black Arts Matter Celebration


Reo Town Sessions presents The Black Arts Matter Celebration.

In December we launched our monthly event, Reo Town Sessions ! This event highlights local artist, giving them a chance to display their work, whether that is music, displaying photography, dance, or paintings. It is meant to create platforms and introduce local artist to the community.
To go along with our belief that the ARTS MATTER here in Lansing, we began a campaign called #ProjectArtMatters, raising $5,000 for 5 Lansing School District Seniors continuing their education in the arts.
The Black Arts Matter event is a celebration of our past and present artistic expressions, while sowing into the next generation artistic leaders. So all admission and donation proceeds will go towards the #ArtMatters Scholarship!
We have a full night!
Performances by:
-Ozay Moore
-The Adante Group
-Jared Autrey
-Sareem Poems & more.
Hosted by Suban Nur Cooley and Jahshua Smith!
All are welcome. Make plans to be there NOW!!!

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