BGR! NYC and Friends Martin Luther King Day Celebration Run/Walk


Ladies and Gentlemen! Let’s celebrate Dr. King with a Fun Run/Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and up the Hudson River Greenway to 59th Street!

BGR! NYC is so happy to have even more local running groups join us this year!

Please come out and join us for this great event! There will be options to run/walk/jog/wog from 3 – 12+ miles and runners, joggers, walkers, and woggers of ALL LEVELS are welcome and encouraged to attend. Remember – there will be lots of ladies and gentlemen to support you and no person is left behind!

• We will meet at Starbucks – located at 50 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 in Brooklyn Heights on the corner of Court & Joralemon Streets at 8:30 AM – to grab some coffee, water, or a quick snack, use the bathroom and, of course, take a picture!
• The Borough Hall train station is the closest train station to the meet-up location.
• The closest trains to the meet-up location are the 4 & 5 trains. The 2 & 3 trains also stop at the Borough Hall station, but, are a short walk to the meet-up location.
• From Bed-Stuy you may take the B25 bus – which stops across the street from our meet-up location.
• You may also take the A, C, or F trains to Jay Street & walk over.
• There is also a NYSC in the vicinity for NYSC members that would like to lock up their bag or other items. The NYSC is located on Remsen Street – about 2 blocks from our meeting place. (Just remember, if you use this option you have to come back to BK to claim your belongings! – LOL)
** Please remember to check the MTA website for weekend train schedule and route changes.

At 8:50 AM, we will walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge which is the starting point of our run. If you are running late, you can head directly over to Brooklyn Bridge and meet us there.

The route for the run is:
• Walk over to the Brooklyn Bridge as a group (after we take our picture of course).
• Run across the Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn side into Manhattan.
• Run across Chambers Street to the West Side Highway/Hudson River Greenway. (Chambers Street is about ½ block to your right when you exit the bridge.)
• Run up the West Side Highway/Hudson River Greenway to 59th Street.
• This route is approximately 6.2 miles (a 10K).
• You can run all or part of the route. There are opportunities along the route to stop and walk over and take the train home. (For example – if you stop at Houston Street it will be approximately 3 miles; 14th Street approximately 4 miles and; 34th Street approximately 5 miles.)
• For those that would like to participate in a long run, we will use this same route to return to Brooklyn.

Hope to see you there!

Helpful Links:

Starbucks Info:

MLK Fun Run/Walk Route Map:

MTA Info:

Finally, here are a few suggestions and useful information for the run (courtesy of Florence Hogan who originated this event!):

• Most of the route for this run/walk is near water so please make sure you are dressed appropriately. Check the forecast and be prepared.
• In the event of rain and/or snow the run MAY be cancelled – check the event page.
• Make sure to carry some energy alternatives (i.e. organic honey stingers, honey packets, Gu, chews, etc.) if you are running for more than an hour. You should re-fuel every hour while you run.
• Make sure to bring water with you. Because it will be cold, you should bring lukewarm/room temperature water with you for your run/walk.
• Because parts of this fun run/walk will take place on city streets, please obey traffic laws & street signs to prevent any possible injuries (or tickets).
• Remember, we will be sharing the Brooklyn Bridge and Hudson River Greenway with bikers & other runners/walkers so please look behind you before changing lanes to prevent any possible injuries and be aware of others around you.
• If you run with music please, PLEASE keep the volume low enough that you can hear what’s going on around you. You should be able to hear someone if they are talking to you. NOTE: We do NOT recommend or encourage running with music.

We look forward to a fun joint run and hope this can continue as joint annual event!

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