Being Black is Not a Crime!


Eat Pizza while you make your voice heard!

Things happening in Oak Park because of GENTRIFICATION

-Homeless being targetted and arrested, most homeless in Oak Park are people of color

-Black folks in the park being heavily survielled with PODS, cameras, and audio equipment.

-Black folks in the park being glared at by police officers that come and park on the grass, intimidation tactics

-Trees removed from park so that police can surveil the park better

-Benches literally sawed out of the ground so that people cannot sit

-Long time residents rights violated and they are criminalized for it

-Broken Windows policing/laws being manipulated to acheive a goal
• Alleged Consumption of Alcohol on the Streets
• Alleged Disorderly Conduct
• Alleged Trespassing
• Alleged Loitering
• Alleged Disturbing the Peace
• Alleged Spitting
(These are all things that can easily be manipulated to criminalize folks that aren’t participating in these things. Can also be used as a method for picking and choosing when they want to decide to take someone in.)

EXAMPLE: A woman in Oak Park was placed in jail for “spitting” on someone, when saliva came out of her mouth while speaking loudly at someone that was video taping her without her consent.

Folks being told there is alcohol in their cans when they are drinking Arizona Iced Tea, and being brought in without any confirmation of alcohol.

These are tactics being used by police all over the country, to help push folks out of the neighborhoods they have always lived in, to satisfy the needs of folks that are moving in that have more money…to attain an image for a neighborhood that is being gentrified.

Right here at home it is happening in areas like Downtown, Midtown, Oak Park, Seavey Circle/New Helvetia, and areas that surround the new arena.

It is heading to areas like Del Paso Heights.

G is without a home but has a safe place that she resides at, in Oak Park. Her image is above. She was recently detained and held for 8 hours for SLEEPING.

The police used too much force while manipulating her limbs to go into hand cuffs.

The police threatened to euthanize her dog.

The police took everything from her that she owns.

Then after cuffing her, they shamed her for existing as a human without a home.

She is just one example.
We have communicated with many more.

Please join us to fight back against everything going wrong in Sacramento.

The Mayor will be holding a very important meeting on the same street, to help ensure the expansion of gentrification to south Oak Park, at the same time as this event. Let him hear you!

We will give more details on his event, at the time of this event.

Please Join US!

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