Meet Up will be at 89th and Riverside.

Fact 1: Anthony Hill was a 27-year-old Air Force Veteran from Atlanta. He was an aspiring musician and his neighbors described him as a “calm and friendly person”.

Fact 2: Anthony was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD after serving in Afghanistan and was given a medical discharge. He sought treatment but was unable to navigate the broken VA process to receive effective treatment before his murder.

Fact 3: On March 9, 2015, Anthony was having a non-violent mental episode. He had taken off his clothes and was behaving erratically outside his apartment complex. A neighbor called 911, witnesses said “he was calm like he didn’t know where he was”.

Fact 4: When Officer Robert Olsen arrived on the scene, Anthony was on the ground. He stood up, naked and unarmed, and started moving toward the officer with his arms raised. Instead of reaching for his taser, Officer Olsen fired his gun three times, killing Anthony.

Fact 5: Officer Olsen was indicted on January 21, 2016 but has yet to face trial. In the last 5 years Georgia police have killed 171 people, no officer has gone to trial.

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