A New Black Arts Movement Presents: Black August CommUniversity



honor and celebrate black august,
build with us at the BBQ afterwards! BYOB

Special Guests :
Black Panthers
Brother Tariq and Brother Shep
International Hip Hop Pedagogues:
Rabbi Darkside and Spiritchild XspiritMental

Join us for our Black August CommUniversity as we learn from the past and unite with active forces in the present to bring about change. This Communiversity will highlight and discuss the benefits (and pitfalls) of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense as well share current local and international movements focusing on liberation, maroon leadership and art as a political force.

Our host and ally, Emmy Award winning filmmaker, Lisa Russell will speak on her current initiative, Ï Sell the Shadow (a growing artist collective using conscious art for the social good).

Date: Aug 21st, assassination of George Jackson
Time: 5pm – 9pm
Place: 125 Ryerson St, Bk 11205
anewblackartsmovement.com [email protected]
Price: $10 donation no one turned away youth are always free
food and refreshments available 4 purchase

I Sell the Shadow
A New Black Arts Movement
Urban Art Beat

A New Black Arts Movement is painting a new aesthetic, one in which we liberate ourselves from our oppressors. A New Black Arts Movement supports all indigenous struggles for self-defense and self-determination. A New Black Arts Movement acknowledges that all love is revolutionary, and we prefigure a new society in which all love is celebrated and accepted. We imagine a world in which heteronormative, monogamous love and the nuclear family model are not the social norm, and we celebrate freedom, love, equality, and justice.

A New Black Arts Movement acknowledges that in order for liberation, true and revolutionary education must be celebrated and accepted. We imagine a world where all children are afforded the quality education of the wealthy, where culture is at the forefront of lessons, and where children have the freedom to explore their skills and talents beyond teacher expectations. We prefigure a world where educational institutions are community spaces and where children are given the tools to change the society in which they live.

Our monthly alternating Soul Sessions & CommUniversities are community spaces where we connect, express, build and create. It is a prefigurative space where we cook wholesome foods, share our art, and encourage participation in art and rEvolution. This is a movement building off the original Black Arts Movement of the 1960’s founded by Baba Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, and our many other ancestors in the struggle for liberation. We honor all of our elders and our youth, together taking it to a new level with our principles. We are matriarchal, mother earth centered, and maroon nationality and identity. If you are serious about being a revolutionary… Read up. Be at the next Third Black Sunday. And let’s build. – See more at www.anewblackartsmovement.com

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