Blacks Cannot Say What They Think Anymore?

Two Los Angeles Police officers brutalized an 81-year-old black grandfather when he made an “off topic” comment.

The uncalled-for arrest of 81-year-old senior Black citizen during the Tuesday’s Police Commission was largely criticized by the activists.

William Hayes, a regular attendee of the committee, was charged with resisting arrest and put behind bars for about 2 hours for making “off topic” comments.

The two officers who arrested him did not prove to be courteous at all, not to think of professionalism or the respect they should have given to the age of this man.

A statement was released Wednesday that the commission’s regular style of fetid free speech “reached a new low” on Tuesday. They also edited the recorded video of the incident and posted a new one, hiding their brutal acts.

Activists who regularly attend the meeting insist that commission regularly seeks to quiet members of the public who make critical comments, and called on Mayor Eric Garcetti to change Police Chief Charlie Beck and commissioners who “ordered the arrest and oversaw the brutalization.”

Every citizen of this country has a Constitutional right to free speech; nobody should be arrested for it.  However Black activists frequently got shushed by the authorities when they speak out any criticism.

Finally it’s a shame for the officers to treat a man, who is far older than they are, like that.

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