Innocent Black Man Sentenced To Life In Prison, Murderer Is Free

“He ain’t do nothing – I did it,” Melvin White said, taking a plea deal in the case, but innocent black man is still in prison.

John Calvin, an innocent Black man, has been already incarcerated for 13 years for nothing. He serves his term in Lansing Correctional Facility for people who are convicted of the 1st degree murder and attempted robbery charges.

John Coates, the victim, and Melvin White, the real murderer, were dating the same woman and Melvin claimed that he had been forced to kill his rival in order to defend himself. Actually he planned to rob and kill Coates. He sent Calvin, which had no idea about his plans, as an allurement with CD’s to sell for some money.

I was an addict, you know, I was a drug addict, so my only intention that night was to get some drugs,” Calvin said.

White pleaded a deal and got 60 months in prison with the help of his nephew, Benjamin Russell.

I feel bad,” White said. “I should be doing the time not him. I’m the one who pulled the trigger.”

Even though White testified of the innocence of Calvin, telling that he knew nothing about the shooting and the robbery, the court didn’t listen or take it into consideration like they often do, when somebody cleans up already incarcerated person, especially when a person is Black.

This proves how biased is our INjustice System. A true testimony that would set Calvin free was overruled. What if he was a white? Would he be still serving in jail?

This is the new slavery – Black incarceration for donkey years or life. The fact that someone is Black alone makes him stand a chance of getting into prison now.

John Calvin now has a little hope to be released. The only way to help him is to draw attention to his sad story. The community shouldn’t remain silent when its’ innocent members are losing hope in prison.

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