Headmaster Of Boston Latin School Resigns After Racist Scandals

“Her resignation opens the door to new leadership that will be responsive to concerns about racism,” NAACP local chapter said.

Headmaster of Boston Latin School (BLS) Lynne Mooney Teta resigned on Tuesday as a result of pressure that was mounting over the school because of racism which she has done nothing about earlier. She couldn’t contain the heat when investigation started after 2 black girls, members of the B.L.A.C.K.  (Black Leaders Advocating for Change and Knowledge) posted a video, complaining about poor handling racial problems and ignoring their concerns.

The exclusive video below attracted the attention of federal and city officials, which caused a scrutiny to find out how Teta managed the incidents, which included teacher calling a 16-year-old pupil the N-word at a lesson and student threatening to lynch his black classmate.

Teta wrote an unexpected letter to the BLS community, expressing how she was “greatly encouraged” by their input toward addressing racism.

“Over the nine years of my tenure as head master, we have built the foundation to create a more welcoming and inclusive school environment. There is still more work that needs to be done,” she remarked.

Headmaster claimed that her resignation was dedicated to reduce criticism against school and put a halt to the investigation. But she has not solved the problem, because racist teachers will continue their work and students will be still subjected to racist attacks.

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