Another Officer In #FreddieGray Trial Acquitted Of All Charges

First was Officer William Porter in December, 2nd was Nero which ended last month and now Officer Goodson, who faced the most serious charges among the 6 officers.

The Baltimore Police van driver, Caesar Goodson Jr., accused of 7 different charges including three counts of manslaughter and “reckless riding”, had been cleared of all charges, Circuit Judge Barry Williams declared on Thursday.

Williams said that, the timeline of Gray’s injuries is still unclear and the state “failed to meet its burden” to present enough evidence to back its assertions.

As the trier of fact, the court can’t simply let things speak for themselves,” Williams said.

Now, the rest of the officers have also pleaded not guilty and their charges are similar to Goodson’s, so all hopes are extinguishing in finding any of them guilty. It means that there is no justice going to be restored in Freddie Gray’s case and none of the officers will be brought to account.

But there is no doubt all of the officers are guilty. We don’t know what exactly had happened in the police van, but we know that humans’ spines don’t break without any impact. Was it a reckless driving or a brutal beating? We can’t say, but none of the officers had called the ambulance, none of them had tried to help Freddie and save his life. We demand justice for Gray, not just a settlement which doesn’t amount to the value of his life. Civil settlement is not justice! Cops should pay for their crimes.

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