THE HBCU APP: New Way To Unite Black Community

The HBCU app's co-founder tells the Black community about all the advantages of his creation

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) have a significant influence on the education of Black people in the US. Good for us, the community is growing really fast, and some high-tech help for the communication and being updated on the community news would be really useful. Not many apps nowadays could be as helpful for the Black community as the HBCU app. Jerald White is a part of FTG Faith Technology group that created the app which provides many features to help not only HBCUs but the entire Black community. And what is great about it: it’s absolutely free and includes HBCU news updates, social network, and even a market!
Hi, Jerald! Congratulations on a great job that you have started with this new app! Tell us more about the HBCU app, what kind of features does it have?
Jerald White
We realized that our universities face challenges that PWI’s (Primarily White Institutions) don’t face. And we created the app for all of the HBCUs as well as the whole Black community!
To learn about the features go ahead and download the HBCU app! And you will see all the different abilities that we have, different things such as a blogging section, which would help to get more info about the HBCU community. We also have a place in there where, if you have needs, you can raise money through the app! And we also have the capability of streaming. Do you have videos that you want to stream? Instead of just having fifteen seconds as you have on Instagram, we can give you as long as you want!
Wow! That’s a great opportunity to be updated and in touch with the community!  What kind of news do you publish?
Jerald White
We offer the latest news, entertainment, and sports, from all 105 HBCUs. All these are positive things that are going on with the HBCU community. We also have a section where you can buy, sell and trade anything that’s in the marketplace. Basically, we have the same functions as Blackwallstreet. Also, we have web series, two of them now. Have you ever heard about “Different world”?  It’s a TV show, it was really popular back in the 90-s. It was highlighting the daily life of an HBCU student. So we have the series that is pretty much the same thing.
Is this app free of charge or should I pay for it?
Jerald White
It’s free of charge! No charge needed, man!
Do you have the data of all the people who have graduated HBCUs and are your potential audience?
Jerald White
Its, probably about 5 million HBCU students total! Plus alumnus, countless alumni, probably about 50 million, so it’s a great community, that, using our app, you can get involved in!
Student communities in historically Black colleges and universities are fighting hard against racial issues, what do you think about racial discrimination in high institutions?
Jerald White
I really think that it’s sad that we’re still dealing with the same issues in 2016. For over 380 years, almost 400 years we face the same critical issues. I think, for the community it’s time to rise and take a stand together, blending our forces. This is the only way to defeat racists. We cannot fight the oppressor individually. If you look at the history, it tells us that these people had trained us to be divided.
The whole theory is: “divide and they will conquer”. Racists put the light skin against the dark skin and that is one of the main reasons or one of the main ways that they pull us against each other. So, it’s time for us to look past that and time for us to have the understanding that this is what the oppressor wants. It’s time for us to stand as one nation and fight back and take back our community, take back our school, take back our heritage, take back our culture and be the impact to the next generation because it doesn’t have to stay like this. Change is possible. But we have to come together and do it. So, the HBCU is only the beginning. We are seeking to bring this community together, not just the schools but the community as a whole. We are going to do this by linking out with great groups such as BlackMatters.
I totally agree! Thank you for this kind of attitude! Last but not least, what is your message to our readers?
Jerald White
One thing I have learned is just because you start taking pride other races get intimidated, and then they start to think that we are just racists. We are not racists, we just taking pride in our race! You know, there’s nothing on that! And I think that we should make our voices come together, to do some great things for this African-American community.

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