Citizen pulls over cop and had him show his Cop ID

If all citizens held their government officials to the same level of accountability that this man does, ‘government corruption’ would be a history lesson only.

I watched a YouTube video featuring a police officer and a member of the public; I wonder what happened beyond the footage.

A police officer driving SUV around his neighborhood in Rohnert Park, California was filmed by McComas, a blogger, outside his house.

“He clearly didn’t like the fact that I was pointing my camera to videotape him,” says McComas as he films.

Mr. Seim, when he noticed that the vehicle was unmarked and this police officer was impersonating a citizen in his town, felt it would be proper to educate this Grant County Sheriff’s deputy on the Washington State Law, which states that it is unlawful for police officers to drive unmarked vehicles.

Seim, to his words put the Sheriff to the law and made him know he was breaking the Law.

Deputy Canfield was the officer who Seim detained to inform him of the law. Mr. Seim brought up a very good point about the dangers of unmarked cars; anyone can buy a red and blue flashing light and try to pull people over. People have been raped and even murdered because sickos posed as police.

Canfield was quite cordial and actually engaged in a conversation with someone who was trying to hold him accountable, which deserves mentioning.

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