White Parents “Make Mistakes” But Black Parents Are “Neglectful”

On several occasions, people are quick to judge and condemn black parents. On the contrary, white parents are respected and supported at every count.

Recent incidents with two children (one black, one white) and wild animals have gone viral Monday morning.

First was a 3-year-old child (black) who run from her mother and fell into a gorilla’s chamber. The gorilla was killed to save the child’s life.  Second was a 2-year-old child (white) who was killed in Florida by an Alligator while paddling in water at the resort but it was forbidden to do that.

When the cases became announced on public, first of all, media and internet users began to criticize both parents for not looking properly after their kids. But when more details became released people started to sympathize one of the couples and condemn another. The only difference between two families is their race. As you might guess black wasn’t the one to receive any support.

Black parents received very harsh and disgraceful comments from people. When the incident occurred, about 500,000 signatures were signed on a petition to investigate the parents, Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg.

Nevertheless, white parents, Matt and Melissa Graves who live in Nebraska, have been heavily supported. A GoFundMe platform for them raised $50,000 in just a couple of days.

Yes, of course, white parents have lost their child and they deserve some support, but what is exactly the difference between these situations? So if black parents would have lost their child they would have also been sympathized? Probably they would not. It is just a common habit in US to underestimate and blame black people all the time.

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