Oakland Police Department On Rape And Racist Scandal

Three Oakland police chiefs already gone in just nine days after incidents of racism and rape popped up.

Secrets buried deep beneath the earth are being uncovered how much more are those kept on the surface?

Oakland Police Department faces a scandal meltdown after discovering a cover-up rape incident of an underage sex trafficking victim and racist text messages by police chiefs. In just nine days, three of the department’s top officers have already resigned.

Police officers were found sharing racist text messages using the n-word and a picture of a Ku Klux Klan (KKK) member on a cereal box that read, “Brad, I heard you got boxes of these in your cupboards”.

Apart from the racist text scandal, the department is under investigation for a rape incident that involved police officers with a 17-year old sex trafficking victim, Celeste Guap.

Guap initially told officials that one of the police officers, Brendan O’Brien, “saved” her from a pimp, who was torturing her. But according to reports, O’Brien did not temporally secure the teen instead, he let her go.

Few weeks later, O’Brien met the teen and they began “dating”, but Guap was trafficked among O’Brien and his friends for about six months. Guap, who at first thought the officers were trying to protect her, later found out that she “was taken advantage of.

As investigations continue, one must bear in mind that most of these cops are criminals themselves and they shouldn’t just resign from their post, they should also face the consequences of child abuse and answer for their other crimes. The system is broken and full of racists and predators.  Neither blacks nor whites can trust these cops and changing the top officers will not be a solution.

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