Why White Cops Get Promotions More Than Black Cops?

Statistics show that white Chicago cops get a greater percentage of promotions, which are supposed to strictly base on test scores.

Decades have passed since activists of the Civil Rights Movement took up the task to end racial segregation and discrimination and to ensure that every person in the society is treated equally. But are those goals reached, if black people still struggle to get job equality?

Chicago Sun data on job promotions given to police officers during the last ten years shows how “white” the police system is.  Out of 913 job promotions strictly based on test scores, 61 percent were given to white officers.

An ex-Chicago cop Patricia L. Hill said “The promotional issue has been an issue for a very long time. We’ve always had to fight for our jobs. No one has the will to say, ‘OK, white folks, we know it’s not this generation’s fault, but we’re going to have to hire less white folks.’ It’s not going to happen.

Even though Blacks and Hispanics make up two-thirds of the city’s population, white police officers have greater percentage in the force than minorities and it refers to job promotions too.

Such disparities have dramatic consequences: white officers forced to work in unfamiliar neighborhoods either try to avoid interfering into local affairs or act in a desperate and combative manner. That only contributes into the increase of crime rate and promotes police brutality.

Is it that the police administrators are too afraid to promote black officers that they will protect their own people or pose a threat to the departments?

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