Black Men Wrongfully Jailed Compared To Stanford Rapist

White Stanford swimmer Brock Turner’s jail sentence discards the credibility of America’s justice system.

After a California Judge, Aaron Perksy, gave a six month jail sentence to Brock Turner who raped an unconscious woman, many became concerned about how race affects America’s justice system.

Turner, 20, convicted of two sexual assault charges and one charge of intent rape, was sentenced to only six months in jail because Judge Perksy said that “a prison sentence would have a severe impact on him”.

Apart from that, Turner ’s mother is also desperately trying to cut down the jail term because she thinks he will not survive the prison. But how would a black football player Corey Batey given 15-25 years for almost the same crime manage to survive? At the same time, black men like Brian Banks, Levon Brooks, James Bain, Andre Hatchett, Cory Batey, Kevin Richardson and many others, were wrongfully jailed for crimes they didn’t commit and as a result they had to spent 6 to 35 years in prison

A recent report by The Sentencing Project uncovers the unjust imprisonment of African-Americans to whites. The report reveals that blacks are incarcerated at a rate 5.1 times higher than whites.

What is more concerning is not just how race plays a role in a prison sentence, but how innocent men and women are outrageously jailed.

The Innocence project, which is committed to exonerate wrongly convicted men and women through a DNA testing technology, reported that 70 percent of their recent exonerations were minorities, most of which are blacks.

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