Analysis Proves That Dylann Roof Could Be Psyched Up By Social Media

When he got access through the internet to connect with like-minded supremacists, Roof’s life changed forever.

Dylann Roof, the shooter at Emanuel African Methodist Church, where members were having a bible study, was influenced greatly by the internet before he committed this atrocity.

Though he was trying to look like a gangster by virtue on one of his Facebook pages, where he was on the photo without a shirt and spitting on the American flag, the internet gave him a unified access to hatred.

Now, that’s not to say that the internet started the evil, but evil men have gotten a platform and are  creating organizations and groups, where they propagate their horrific ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and the like.

It is alleged that Roof found an online forum where “neo-Nazis and other white supremacists gather,” reported in the Christian Monitor.

Racist people can hide everywhere and simple people can be monsters in their minds and eventually act in such a manner, which makes outwardly good people become killers.

The black community needs to be united  more than ever before and fight racist institutions and groups especially on the internet, which pollute young people with hatred.



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