Death Of Lennon Lacy: No Evidence That It Was Homicide

He was found hanging from a belt that did not belong to him in a small town trailer park. However, after ‘a thorough’ investigation, the Justice Department said they found no evidence of Lacy's violent death.

Lennon Lacy, a 17-year-old Black high school student, was found dead hanging on a Child’s swing in the morning of August 29, 2014. He was from Bladenboro, North Carolina. When this happened, regardless all rumors of racially motivated killing, local police instantly labeled his death as a suicide. However, his family and friends think otherwise.

His family requested the help of the North Carolina NAACP in getting to the root of the case. Hence, their first call of action was to hire an expert pathologist to review the case. His report was surprising and left many unanswered questions.

In his preliminary report, he stated that “the basic protocol for investigating a death scene was not followed by local law enforcement.

Lennon is remembered as a positive and active young man, too reasonable for a suicide. There are also many additional facts that complicate the case like Lacy’s controversial relationship with a white woman and his active contacts with both black an white communities.

Meanwhile, from a federal prosecutor’s office in North Carolina, the Lacy family cannot go on to pursue criminal civil rights charges because they found no proof. So the U. S. Justice Department decided to close the investigation of Lacy’s death.

But one thing that we have to understand is that if he was a white teen, the matter would have been taken seriously and evidences wouldn’t have been allegedly tampered.

#Justice4Lennon #LennonLacy #ForwardTogether.

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