‘Lynching’ Laws Have Made It Easier To Charge Protesters With Felonies

Jasmine Richards was arrested in September for “felony lynching” during a protest.

The “lynching” laws, which were made to protect black people, seem to be the doomsday laws for most protesters and black people. According to legal experts, it is much easier to charge black activists and protesters with felony when the legislation decided to defend the “cultural significance” of the word “lynching”.

Last week, Jasmine – a Black Lives Matter Organizer, was convicted by the jury of a law known formerly as “felony lynching”. Jody Armour, a USC law professor,  said that when the jury used this law to convict her they only followed its language and not what it was really made for.

The precise evil that the lawmakers designed the law to punish and prevent was lynching, not just the taking of a person from police custody, but in order to murder them,” Armour said.

This same law formula was changed last year to “attempting to unlawfully take a person from custody by means of a riot,” which has been the original description of the charge.

Now, the punishment for the misdemeanor is the same as the felony charge – up to 4 years in jail. How could that be possible?

They took lynching out, which would have told a lawyer or judge that’s how you read the statute,” Armour said of Mitchell’s bill. “This is the first time that they’ve been able to not only charge, but prosecute somebody without the law saying anything about lynching.”

From Jasmine’s case, we can clearly see that justice is selectively enforced and since she holds a powerful position in the BLM, they want to use her as a scapegoat, which ought not to be so.

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