A Chance For Justice In Christian Taylor’s Case

The family of a black teen shot by Texas police demands to refile the charges against the officer.

We have already told you the story of Christian Taylor, one more victim in the long line of unarmed black teens shot by police. An Angelo State University football player was killed by an Arlington offcier, Brad Miller, later fired for the failure to follow proper police procedures.

Though the people of the community are quite used to hearing the sad news concerning the shooting deaths of their children, the information that Tarrant county grand jury decided not to indict the killer cop caused mass outrage.

This decision was literally a spit in the face of the grieving family. County District Attorney Sharen Wilson announced that Christian’s relatives were “saddened and dismayed” by the grand jury’s decision made last Wednesday.

On Friday a group of protesters gathered near Arlington City Hall expressing their dissatisfaction with the verdict and occasionally disrupting a Nashville Band concert.

The tension had been growing until the members of the band supported the discontented people by thanking them for standing up for Christian Taylor.

Now, when the protests once again proved to be the only effective method of attracting public attention to the controversial trial, Taylor’s family requests from the prosecutors to refile the charges against ex-officer Brad Miller.

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