Public Figures Join The Fight To Take Down Racist Confederate Flag

Activist, celebrities and lawmakers are taking the fight on Flag Day (June 14) to bring down Mississippi’s confederate flag.

Just few days away from now, public figures like actress Aunjanue Ellis (QuanticoThe Help), musician Genesis Be and Michael Eric Dyson, attorney Carlos Moore, will be live at the nation’s capital along with lawmakers campaigning to remove the racist Confederate flag from any federal buildings or public lands.

Tenisha Bell, who is a publicist for #TakeItDownAmerica, explained in an interview that “There’s a growing campaign to take down the Mississippi state flag—the last flag in the Union with the Confederate battle emblem. We all know what the Confederate battle emblem represents: hatred, death, slavery, Jim Crow. The time for the flag to come down is now.”

Moore, who filed a lawsuit against Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant In February, said that the Confederate flag violates the equal protection clause and incites “acts of violence.”

The flag is a symbol of white supremacy and it terrorizes black people, reminding them about the lynchings and rapes during the slave era. Removing these flags from public buildings will stop reminding us about the horror our people went through, although we can never totally forget about it.

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