Middle School Student Threatens Black Teen And Her Family

“Nothing will happen black trash cause I’m bringing my gun,” says Feinstein Middle School Student to black teen on social media.

Feinstein Middle School administration and police are investigating an incident, which involved a student using racial slurs and threatening to kill a black teen and her entire family.

The female student used racial slurs against the black girl, whose identity is undisclosed for protection, on Instagram and promised to bring a gun to kill her and family. “My gun’s in my back pack right now”, she wrote.

One of the messages reads, “Nothing will happen black trash cause I’m bringing my gun, and the gun will be loaded.” Another reads, “…just blow up ur family and kill everyone you love.”

The Coventry School District Superintendent, Mike Convery, reported about the incident, which happened Monday morning, June 6, after seeing a student with a pellet gun in her back pack, “it is currently under investigation by school authorities and Coventry police.”

According to the victim’s mother, her daughter was really scared, not knowing “whether it was a pellet gun or the real thing.”

The police however told the victim’s mother that “even though it was a pellet gun, they would treat this very seriously.”

Nowadays American children are being taught to be racist not only from their parents but from the whole atmosphere in the country.  They see it on TV how police officers, who supposed to be protectors of justice in the society, kill and abuse innocent black people and don’t face any punishment; they see how black people are being marginalized and insulted on social media; they learn in school only white history like if black people never bring their contributions in the country establishment. That’s why kids perceive blacks as aliens, who don’t deserve living in US.

Some day these kids will become adults, do we want them to be the future of the country or it is time to change the system now?

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