Protests Over Police Shooting Could Disrupt Super Bowl Opening

Justice reduced to the barest minimum by San Francisco mayor, Ed Lee and police Chief Gerg Suhr.

The question on what Americans really want has raised eyebrows as proofs abound that “bread and circuses” is much more important than the growing slide of injustice between police and minority communities.

Protesters in SF are set for a showdown demonstration as the city is set to host the Super Bowl City opening on 7 Feb. in Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara.

The justice for 4 Mario Woods Coalition has accused Mayor Ed Lee for not prioritizing and bringing justice to minority communities following the inhumane police brutality and killings in the city.

A clear evidence of police brutality was seen on 20th December in San Francisco which led to the killing of 26-year-old Mario Woods by 5 officers.

Woods was shot 21 times by the officers who claimed he moved toward them. However, footage evidence shows he was not a threat to the police before they offloaded their weapon on him.

Lee has just asked for an official investigation into the killing at the request of the Woods’ family which has angered critics stressing he should have long acted even without the request of the family.

They are calling for the ouster of San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr who claimed that the officers acted in line with their training soon after the killing.

Regrettably, it is obvious that authorities do not care about justice but SUPERBOWL!

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