Protesters Demand Justice For Dayshen McKenzie

About half a dozen protesters burned American flag Saturday night in Graniteville over the death of 16-year-old black teen Dayshen McKenzie.

The group took step for a right cause, after an unfruitful investigation made by the NYPD over the death of a Dayshen McKenzie, who collapsed and died from asthma attack, after he was chased by white gang members. NYPD officials claimed that the incident hadn’t been a hate crime, although witness heard white attackers screaming, “Crips, mother—ers, I’m gonna’ kill you n—-rs.”

A video of the flag burning ceremony, which was organized by a group called “NYC Shut It Down,” was posted by on YouTube Tuesday, June 7. The ceremony was made in order to put pressure on the NYPD in finding McKenzie’s attackers and admitting it was a hate crime.

One of the women, African-American, in the video can be heard saying, “we light fire for the ancestors who have gone before us who were lynched, we light this flag for Dayshen McKenzie, who was lynched.”

The group also mentioned names of victims of police brutality such as Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, Nicholas Heyward Jr. and Ramarley Graham. “We light this flag for Akai Gurley, who was lynched. We light this flag for Eric Garner, who was lynched,” another protester says.

The NYPD spokesman responded to the burning flag video that the protesters “have the Constitutional right to burn a flag in public.”

Up till date, the NYPD cannot find and arrest those mob members, who attacked McKenzie and his friends with guns on a broad day light. Moreover, they reduce the importance of the incident by denying it was the hate crime committed against unarmed innocent black teen.

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