Chicago Released Evidence Of Police Shootings, Still No Transparency

Evidence of about 100 cases of police shootings released on Friday by Chicago officials is not so transparent when minorities involved.

Chicago officials released footages and reports of investigations into police shooting and using force. This action was provoked by the wide public discontent after police brutal shooting black teenager, Laquan McDonald.

City residents and official, who advocated for transparency, appreciated the public appearance of the materials.  However, most of the released videos are blurred or show some secondary moments like passing by people, cars etc. Moreover, in several cases involving minorities, no records were given.

In contrast, incidents in which police officers acted reasonably were provided with full records and clear footage.

Dean Angelo, president of the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police, said, “To me, you would release the information to justify the results, whether its discipline or exoneration. But you complete the investigation before you put it out there.”

The decision made by Chicago police department definitely is a step forward to transparently, but it is absolutely not enough. There is still no light in the most controversial cases. The Department should apply more force to restore the trust of the community which has been deeply damaged.

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