New York African-American Cemetery Becomes Target For Vandals

An African-American cemetery which has been founded 150 years ago was attacked by vandals during Memorial Day weekend.

Historic African-American Cemetery was gifted to the city residents in 1860 and it has became a last place for brave black soldiers who had given their lives in the Civil War, Spanish-American War and World Wars I and II.

According to co-founder of non-profit organization ‘Friends of the African American Cemetery,’ David Thomas, dozens of American flags which stood near the veterans’ graves were thrown on the ground by unnamed vandals.

Thomas says that at least 35 flags were removed from the flagpoles. The organization has not information about the offenders and about the reasons of the act, but they noted that it was the African-American portion of the cemetery that was harmed.

Local police detectives now are collecting evidence information to get on the trail of the suspects.

It’s a strange type of thing that happened,” says Rye Police Commissioner, Michael Corcoran. “It seems like the damage was confined to the African-American section.

Thomas believes that the incident shows growing race tensions in the society.

Not only is this a sign of disrespect to those interred at the site but it is a disturbing reminder of the current wave of intolerance displayed by those who strive to separate us and strip us of our identities as citizens of the United States,” he told the Rye Daily Voice.

Who gets to decide who is an American? Where are our flags?”

African-American veterans lost their lives fighting for this country and they deserve to be honored and remembered. Moreover, they definitely deserved their national status more than for some anonymous vandals, who are not brave enough, to show their disrespect on public.

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